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Afa is a crossroads of art and medical science. Afa products are a gateway to health and beauty. We always try to be the best.

We are the best with the cooperation of the top brands of medical equipment in the world

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We have been the best for two decades

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Aftab Forouzan Aria Company, with the help of God’s grace, has started its work in 2004 with the aim of serving the medical community based on truth and honesty.

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We are happy that in the last two decades, we have been the first choice of doctors and specialized clinics throughout Iran. Our constant goal is to provide the best specialized medical devices along with unique services to customers. Register on the site now to join Afa’s companions and customers.

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AFA devices are used in the top specialized medical and beauty clinics in the country. We are glad that we have always been trusted by dear Iranian doctors and specialists. Afa’s large family is as large as Iran. To see the medical centers that use Aria sunscreen products and services, visit the medical centers page.

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