What Is Alexandrite (Alex) Laser?

The term laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. Laser wavelengths are measured in nanometers. Lasers prevent the growth of excessive hair by sending radiation to parts and tissues of the skin. The alexandrite or Alex laser uses the same technology, sending special rays from a crystal to permanently remove excessive hair.

 How does the alexandrite laser work?

In an alexandrite laser, a crystal called alexandrite is used as the laser source. Alexandrite is the name of a ruby-like crystal that was originally used only in jewelry, but today is mainly used as a laser source. The wavelength of this laser is in the infrared range with a wavelength of 755 nm, which has different applications such as hair removal, vascular lesion, and tattoo removal. The alexandrite laser can produce pulsed or continuous energy depending on the application.

The Food and Drug Administration of the US approved this laser for hair removal in 1997. The mechanism of hair removal by alexandrite laser is that the emitted wavelength is converted into heat and this heat destroys the germinal centers of hair follicles. Alexandrite laser acts during the photothermolysis process. In other words, it destroys hair follicles using light and by heating the target area. Light pulses target the hair follicles, causing hair loss and minimizing regrowth. In the process of photothermolysis, by converting light into heat, it destroys hair follicles. The wavelength of the Alex laser is 755 nm. This wavelength accurately targets a large area of the target tissue and removes excessive hair without damaging other surrounding areas.

Applications of Alexandrite Laser:

The alexandrite laser is used to remove excess hair. But hair removal is not the only application of this advanced technology. Many skin diseases and problems can be treated with an alexandrite laser. The most important applications of alexandrite lasers are as follows:

  • Treatment of age-related spots
  • Birthmark removal
  • Excessive hair removal

What Should You Do before Having Alexandrite Laser therapy?

Avoid exposure to direct and intense sunlight before alexandrite laser therapy. By referring to a reliable medical center, doctors give effective recommendations for you depending on the type of treatment, which we recommend that you follow.

What Should You Do After Having Alexandrite Laser Therapy?

Alexandrite laser has few complications. However, it is better to avoid being outdoors in the sun for a few days after using the Alexandrite laser, and to take special care of the lasered area. Be aware that post-laser care also helps with more effective and longer-lasting treatment.

How Many Alexandrite Laser Therapy Sessions Are Required?

Depending on the thickness and type of the skin, 3 to 10 sessions are usually recommended to remove excessive hair. In other treatment cases, the number of sessions depends on the opinion of the specialist.

What Are The Benefits of Alexandrite Laser?

The best advantage of alexandrite laser is its high impact in a short time. Other benefits of alexandrite laser are as follows:

  • Short recovery time after laser therapy
  • Suitable for all skin areas from face to feet
  • Suitable for skin types 1 to 3
  • High impact in a short time
  • Very low and tolerable pain

Complications of using Alexandrite laser:

The alexandrite laser, like other lasers, may cause short-term sensitivities. Change in skin color is one of the most common complications of treatment with this laser, which relieves completely within a few hours to a few days. Other complications such as mild pain or redness of the laser site also disappear easily in a short time.

What is the best Alexandrite laser device?

Aftab Forouzan Aria Company is a provider of various types of hair removal laser devices in Iran. To get acquainted with the best hair removal laser device that benefits Alexandrite technology, refer to the Accento laser device page.

Clear and Perfect Skin Using Alexandrite Laser

In this article, Alexandrite laser technology was fully described. Alexandrite laser is a gift of medical engineering to achieve clear and perfect skin. If you have any questions or concerns about the Alexandrite laser, write to us in the comments section. Our expert colleagues in Aftab Forouzan Aria will answer them.